silence is gold


let just say…

it is not something i have wish for

though i might be lost in life

i know exactly what i do not want in life

keeping my mouth shut is now, the best thing to do

i’ve already learned the greatness of silence for years

i know i can handle it good now

not with care, but good




you did nothing wrong cos you do nothing at all



to learn is to love

by love we learned

bubbly bubble


i think im in one of those days where i want to twirl and turn as i walk and just go ‘lalalalalala’..haha

im just a little too happieee these days 😀

forgive me…ahahahahha

28022010 officially marks an end to my student life 😀

Dearest Housemates,

thank you for giving me the bestest time in liverpool and also europe. thank you for giving me the memories that i will forever smile and laugh whenever i think back.we shared the stress laughter cry shopping cooking walking drinking eating dancing in liverpool together. i will remember how the groceries we carried back to our hostel are always crazily heavy and i will never forget the walk to dean walter building the walk to liverpool one the walk to albert dock  the walk to iceland the walk to tesco the walk to primark.

ps all housemates: one thing i’ve learned from u all is actually the art of humor. believe it anot hahaha. dont ask me why cause u people are just too funny to be with hhahaha.


yours truly youngest prettiest cutest cyun


things have always remain the way it was since that day -> unsettled :S

i think the involved parties kinda not wanting to do anything anymore to save the situation, including me, at least for this moment

everyone keep having their own say on things that happened with all the “you should do this” or “you should do that”

if im  powerful enough, yes, i would do this and that

but sad to say, things are no longer in my control or can i say… they are NEVER in my control

to be frank, none of u besides us, are in the position to say/comment/instruct  us on what we should do or how we should do to save the situation

cause none of u have gone through whatever we HAD gone through in that few months

if u were in my position, OUR position, for that few months, you wouldnt say anything you are saying right now

u blame us for our ignorance, yet what you didnt know is that because of  our ignorance, we somehow… survived

convo on sunday


it is only when u feel good, life’s good

life is getting better, no doubt